Zoning Changes and Legal Filings

Substantive Zoning Board Hearing Appeal

The complete Zoning Hearing Board Validity Appeal filed on January 17, 2023 can be downloaded at the link above.

Zoning Changes Approved by Township on 12/21/22

  • Make landfills a Conditional Use instead of a Special Exception. This means the Landfill doesn’t need Zoning Hearing Board approval for landfill use.
  • All previous environmental protections would be removed. Allows the Landfill to pay money in exchange for expanding rather than dedicate other land of equivalent environmental value for Open Space.
  • Eliminate the Township’s site plan approval process.

Proposed Draft Zoning Ordinance

The exact wording of the proposed ordinance is available through the link above. The Township has not yet posted the approved zoning changes on its website.

Land Use Appeal


On Friday, January 13, 2023, citizens of Lower Saucon Township filed an appeal against Lower Saucon’s rezoning of 275 acres of land. You can download the file here and read it. Click the Download button below.