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Neighbors of Bethlehem Landfill should get property tax cut

I live in the city of Bethlehem, but I have admired the work of everyone fighting to end the expansion of the landfill in Lower Saucon Township.

Most people have no idea how difficult it is to put up a fight like that. “You can’t fight City Hall”; we’ve all heard that expression, especially with big business thrown in the mix.

I have an idea, let’s reroute the garbage trucks from New York and New Jersey past Saucon Valley Country Club. Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little sarcastic humor.

What might ease the pain for these residents, if this does materialize, perhaps counsel could offer a scaled down property tax for those who must live with this situation, and there’s no humor meant in this comment.

Gloria Senavitis


Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

State Representative Robert L. Freeman

D&L Heritage Corridor

Delaware Riverkeepers Network

Saucon Source: Laura Ray – Opinion