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Citizens for Responsible Development – Lower Saucon Township is awarded a 2023 Huplits Grant from the Allegheny Group of the Sierra Club

Citizens for Responsible Development – Lower Saucon Township (CRD-LST) is proud to be a recipient of a 2023 Sierra Club Huplits Wildlife Grant.  This grant, administered by the Allegheny Group of Sierra Club, assists organizations aligned with Sierra Club’s goals of protecting wildlife and preserving natural habitats. 

Since 2022, CRD-LST has been working to preserve 275 forested acres from Bethlehem Landfill’s proposed expansion. This forest is a Natural Heritage Inventory Core Habitat located on land subject to scenic and conservation easements within the watershed of the Lehigh River. This acreage is part of the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, overlooking a local section of the 9/11 Memorial Trail. CRD-LST is actively engaged in educating the community on the importance of preserving the rural nature of Lower Saucon Township. CRD-LST supports residents seeking to enforce the conservation easements on this land, and its rural agricultural zoning.

Having supported the residents in their first legal victory, CRD-LST anticipates that its support will help the residents decisively win the remaining legal challenges in this long, costly, and important fight. We, together with hundreds of stakeholders in the community, will not rest until we have achieved the goal of protecting and preserving this beautiful area for future generations to enjoy. CRD-LST is profoundly grateful for the support of Sierra Club!

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About Citizens for Responsible Development – LST: Formed in response to concerns surrounding the Bethlehem Landfill expansion, Citizens for Responsible Development – LST advocates for the protection and conservation of the natural environment in Lower Saucon Township and for responsible development consistent with those values. The citizens’ group is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of all residents and the preservation of the area’s scenic beauty.