First THANK YOU ALL for your incredible showing at the hearing on Wednesday 8/30
We had over 100 landfill warriors come to witness and speak up to protect our community, our forest, our river, our history, our quality of life for over 7 hours! You showed up at 9am when we had work and life commitments!  The township’s YouTube channel has over 300 views.. so we know many of you were watching online if you could not come in person.  THANK YOU!

Many additional neighbors wrote into council and got their emails included!
You spoke passionately armed with facts!  
We are now ready for our next phase of action!

Of note for for us all to be tremendously proud of: the most recent expansion proposal is a significantly smaller development project. We took back 30% of our forest! This is an amazing victory all because you have consistently stood up to protect our community!  In just 10 months look what we have done!

  • Brought our community together with amazing neighbors, organizations, and dedicated elected officials from other municipalities to protect our community
  • Raised thousands of dollars to support our courageous litigants who are on the front lines with exceptional legal representation and top notch experts
  • Raised awareness through various fundraising events and community outreach efforts that occur monthly!
  • Stopped a multi-million dollar corporation in its tracks with a court win May 2023
  • Exposed the landfill super-pac that tries to buy our community through political activity
  • Gained back 30% of our forrest from garbage!  Because of you 30% of our forest will NOT become a dump!
  • Obtained non-profit status to help collaborate with other organizations and provide tax incentives to you, our donors!
  • Created a robust online presence through social media sharing, and twitter!

Our coalition has forced the township to take a more extreme approach.  Their extreme and outrageous proposals make it easier for us to challenge their actions and WIN!  They are desperate and it shows!

Thank you to our courageous residents, the Petries, Krasnanskys, Blaskos, and McKellins for your bravery throughout the attempts of slander and harassment. The comments by our council majority are the most clear evidence they have no place to run, and have nothing to defend.  We will be victorious because we stand together with truth.

We will challenge the rezoning passed on the 30th and are very confident we will prevail! Stand strong and be proud my friends!  We have come this far and will cross the finish line with a brighter Saucon Valley and Lehigh Valley region. 

With many thanks,
Victoria Opthof-Cordaro