August 15, 2023

On August 14, 2023, residents filed suit against Lower Saucon Township and the Bethlehem Landfill to protect the 275 acres of forest from landfill destruction.  In their suit, residents Bruce and Ginger Petrie, Andrew and Tina Krasnansky, Bob and Elizabeth Blasko, and Bob and Cindy McKellin claim Lower Saucon Township and the Bethlehem Landfill are violating the Donated and Dedicated Property Act by rezoning and attempting development on the 275 of forest sitting atop of the Lehigh River.  The majority of the forest was protected in 1994, when Lower Saucon Township placed the property in scenic and conservation easements that require the land remain undisturbed for the public trust.  Lower Saucon and the Landfill are trying to buzzsaw these easements, violating the Donated and Dedicated Property Act.

Citizens for Responsible Development-LST supports these courageous residents as we continue to advocate for and protect the land for all to enjoy.  While the landfill and the majority of Lower Saucon Township Council continue their efforts to desecrate and destroy the community, the Lehigh River, the D&L National Heritage Corridor, the 9/11 Memorial Trail, the 275 acres of pristine high quality forest bringing fresh air to all, Citizens for Responsible Development-LST will continue fighting along side residents and the community to preserve the quality of life we all enjoy.  

Lowe Saucon Township and Bethlehem Landfill are violating the law for outside garbage and we won’t stand for it!


Victoria Opthof-Cordaro
Citizens for Responsible Development-LST